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Main Components of a Screw Compressor

Main Components of a Screw Compressor


Screw Compressors compress air by two high speed revolving screws. During compression, the compressed air tends to flow backward. That's why air is compressed with oil.

Main Components of a Screw Compressor :


Suction Valve

Electric Motor

Oil Tank, Oil Filter, Air-Oil Seperator


Air-end :Rotorcomp EVO Series air end is the component where air is compressed. Air-end profiles are designed via long term engineering studies. The bigger screw is called Female and other one is called Male. Electric motor rotates the female screw. Female screw is stronger than male screw. Another reason of oil usage is decreasing the abrasion on screws.



After the air is filtered in Air- Filter, it gets into Air-end. Here oil and air mixture is compressed by screws.


Suction Valve : Suction Valve is the component where air flow is controlled. Suction Valve works under control of electrical and pneumatic control. It is mounted on the suction of air-end. During compression, the suction valve is controlled by control unit. When the compressor stops, the suction valve closes and prevent air escape.

For longer life, Suction Valve must work seamlessly.

Electric Motor : Electric Motor is the power source of compressor. In V Belt-driven systems,this power is transmitted to Air-end by V-Belt. In 1:1 Direct Acuple systems ,transmission is supplied by direct bearing. With Direct Acuple Drive, compressor runs more silently. Puma Compressors use universally known EFF2 Electric Motors.



Oil Tank :Oil Tank is a component where compressed air-oil mixture is pumped in. Oil is sent to Oil Filter and "air with oil grains" is sent to seperator. If oil temperature is under 71ºC, oil passes through the oil filter directly. Otherwise it is sent to Air-Oil Radiator. Cooled oil is sent to Air-end at the end. Air and oil grains are seperated. Oil grains are sent to Air-end. Seperated air is cooled in Air-Oil Radiator. Now air is ready to go into Air Dryer.