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Compressor Operation Diagram

Compressor Operation Diagram

Direct Driven Screw Compressors

Belt Driven Screw Compressors


1. Air Filter

9.Oil Tank

2. Intake Valve

10. Temperature sensor

3.Screw Air End (made in Germany)

11. Pressure Sensor

4.Flexible Couplings for Direct Driven Compressors

4.Belt Driven System (Air End Pulley, Electric Motor Pulley and V Belts)

12. Air/Oil Radiator air cooler side


5.Electric Motor

13.Radiator oil cooler side

6.Combination Block

14.Air/Oil Sperator

7.Minimum Pressure Valve

15.Oil Filter

8.Axial Cooling Fan

16.Thermostatic Valve


Air from the atmosphere is passed through the Air-Filter and the Air-Suction Valve. After that filtered air, mix with oil then compression event takes place at the Air-end. Two rotating screws compress the Air-Oil mixture via rotating at high frequency. Compressed Air-Oil Mixture enters into the Oil Tank. Oil goes to the bottom side of the Oil Tank. If the temperature of the oil is under 71  C, the oil goes through the Oil filter and goes into the Air-end again. If it is above 71  C, oil is sent to the Air-Oil Radiator. Cooled Oil passes through then Oil filter and goes into the Air-end. Air and tiny oil particles go to the Air-Oil Separator. At the Separator air is seperated from the tiny oil particles. Seperated air goes into the Air-Oil Radiator. So cooled air can go into Air Dryer now.