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Compressor Installation

Compressor Installation


Puma Compressors have easy ducting principle. Exhaust air can be ducted from the back side of the compressor.You can see the default formation of Compressors,Air Receiver,Air Dryer and Ducts.The Compressor Room must be ventilated everytime,because the ambient temperature is very important.The compressor room must be as cool as it can be.


The Installation Dimensions

The Floor is very important. It must resist to 500 Kg/m2.And the distance to the wall is 1 meter at least.The distance to the ceiling is 1.5 meter.

Learn the Ropes of Installation

The Compressor Room must be free of dust and other contaminants.

The outside of the room must be free of dust too.

Do not use the Compressor Room as a depot. This will cause dust.

The Compressor room must have an external extractor fan and a discharge window.

The external extractor fan must not be mounted on the walls which influence with direct sunlight.

Ambient Temperatue must be between +3ºC and +40ºC .

External extractor fan of the room must be thermostatically controlled.Because the ambient temperature must be between +3ºC and +40ºC.

The chosen fan must be optimum for the room , because with excessive forced ventilation,the compressor room is subjected to vacuum that causes backflow of hot air into the compressor room.

Do not forget to close the door of the compressor room.

The Compressor Room must be isolated from flammable gases.

The floor should be non-friable.