Air Technologies

In 1991 as Turkey developing, we realized the need of air, we started researches about this subject.In 1992 we founded PETMAKSAN MACHINE INDUSTRY COMPANY.We started to produce air compressors with capacity of 25- 300 liters in a small place like 500 sqm.In a few years as a result of the need of big capacity,we added 400 lt,500 lt,700 lt and 1000 lt. piston air compressors in our product list. 
Meanwhile our workshop became a small place for us,we bought an extensive factory land which is 2000m2 and finished its construction in a short time.We moved and started work in our new place which is 1250m2 in the spring of 2001.
As a result of intense demands we produce silent cabin compressors with capacity of 100 lt up to 500 lt. for use of dentist,offices,domiciles and any place where silence is important. 
And also we made a deal with ROTORCOMP a company producing screw units in Germany in2001 .And Afterwards this deal,we could make these silent and secure screw compressors use for big companies.
In 2006 we moved and maintained working in our new factory area which is establish on 5100sqm area in 3. industry area in Gaziantep. Also we added air dryer and filter in our production range.
In 2010 we founded selling and after sale service in Istanbul. 
Our compressors have quality certificate of ISO 9001 and CE. 
Our target is always producing the best. 
Thanks for your interest,your sincerely.