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Energy Saving With VSD Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors Series

Energy Saving With VSD Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors Series

Puma Inverter Series screw compressors working system

StandardScrew compressors works with star delta operation systems. Have the used soft starter, frequence inverters with variablespeed control products, for Puma Inverter Series. Puma Inverter Series provide to users need compressed air with electricalmotors variable speed control system. If the user do not need compressed air then the compressors slowly stop. Whenbegin to working, compressors slowly increase speed electrical motor. Then provide to 35 % energy saving

Advantages of Puma Inverter Series Screw Compressors

1.Puma Inverter Series Screw type Air compressors provide to soft starter of electrical motor, then be minimize to demurrage current. So, avoid to suddenly currents increase then provide to energy savings.

5.Puma Inverter Series Screw Compressors have soft starter specifications, then decrease to mechanical tension with load and unload operations.

2.Compressor provide to continuous compressed air need to workshops.

6.Puma Inverter Series have the variable speed control for provide to energy saving.

3.Compressors equipments working lifes can be increase for without load and unload operation every time.

7.Puma Inverter Series can be work with 0,2 pressure ranges then can be energy savings to 50%


4. The variable speed screw compressor rotors, prevent to mechanical losses.