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Puma Variable Speed Screw Type Air Compressors
Puma Screw air compressors 30 hp to 430 hp designed with low noise level and high performance for industrial companies
35% Energy Saving
Screw Air End
The air ends of Puma Screw type Air Compressors is manufactured a well known professional screw engine manufacturer in the world. Ensures strict quality control and it is famous for zero trouble and lowest maintenance cost.
Puma Screw Air compressors of Screw air ends, are made by advanced equipment and control the tolerance during the process of manufacturing within the micrometer so as to ensure the reliability in use and prolong the life. 
The sufficient rigidity of rotors, it has large compressing space.
High quality durable roller bearings are used to keep steady operation.
Air Intake System
Professional designed new type of integrated air intake controller, ensures absolutely all economic controls of operation safety of screw compressor
The air intake filter eliminates the dust in the screw other impurities harmful to the main machine, improves the quality of air intake and reduces the abnormal wearing of the main machine.
Machines have panel filter before the intake filter.
Efficient Cooling System
Using, combi block air and oil coolers, with long working life 
Designed specially large cool area ensures it working normally at high temperature and hot environmental.
Temperature Controller Valve
Designed specially for high environmental temperature and low air humidity, upon cold start up, thermal valve enables the system to reach the best working temperature as soon as possible, and maintains constant temperature and viscosity of lubricant to prevent condensing of evaporated air and emulsification of the lubricant, which prolongs the service life of the lubricant, rotor of the main machine, bearing and other parts. 
Oil Filtration System
The oil filter adopts screw design for convenience of disassembling, eliminates impurity of lubricant oil and oil deteriorates, extends service life of the main machine rotor, bearing and other moving parts. 
Control System
Puma Screw Air Compressors produced with multi functional controller for easy using.
Screw compressors users can be see air pressure,oil temperature, working hours and maintenance hourseasily 
Special Design controllers for safety using.
Cabinet System
Special compact design for easy handling and minimum working area
Electrostatic powder coated cabinet for protection to damage and corrosion
Special non flammable isolation for silent operation
Easy maintenance with can open covers and compact design
East attain to belt tension device
Safety System
Main motor over current thermic relay protection system
Cooler motor over current thermic relay protection system
Excenssive heat circuit braker protection system
High pressure protection system
High pressure safety valves
Emergency stop button
Maintenance warning system