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Puma Dental Series
Puma Dental Series, silent operation , reliability and low maintenance are the basic characteristic of the ideal compressors for dental clinic and laboratory. Furthermore, clean compressed air is essential for the operation of equipments applied in Dental Clinic and Laborator. Constant operation is important during the process of treatment. Finally easy maintenance can save you a lot. Aware of these needs, the Dynair range of compressors offer a product designed to give full satisfaction: Low noise level , reliable and easy maintenance. The oil-less range of air compressors meet the need for oil free compressed air in the modern dental clinic and laboratory The compressors are quite in operation and are rated for continuous duty They are virtually maintenance-free with a long life expectancy The compressor receivers are internally coated to resist corrosion and the compressors are suitable for single and multiple surgeries. The units are available and adsorption dryer to obtain the ultimate air quality 
Two Years Warranty Adequate Original Spare Parts