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Dental Air Compressors With Dryer

Dental Air Compressors With Dryer


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Compressed Air Dryer System
Atmospheric air contains water vapour, if compressor is not supplied with an efficient dryer , the major part of this water vapour will condense and will change from the form of vapour into the shape of liquid. The water in compressed air causes major inconvenience to the user, as it may damage the equipment connected to the compressor. At the same time, moisture and heat from the compression of the air create favourable conditions of growth for microorganisms. if the compressed air is in direct contact with human beings, animals, foodstuffs or medical equipment, hygiene problems may arise.The ensure both clean and dry compressed air Puma can offer the compressor with air dryer. They can be very effective removal of water vapor in the air and then to bleed it automatically. The air is cooled before it enters the dryer by a radiators equipped with a fan.